, New York

Matched Speed Dating on the LES,
Ages (29-39 years) at Hotel Chantelle

  • PUBLIC $39
  • MEMBERS $18
  • Great vibe: great location
  • Matched mini dates, based on your profile
  • Fantastic CitySwoon hosts
  • Party mingle time after the dating

  • PUBLIC $39
  • MEMBERS $18
Matched Speed Dating on the LES , New York


CitySwoon is returning the Lower East Side with our matched dating events. Join us on The Roof of Hotel Chantelle, a popular LES hotspot.

CitySwoon's Matched Dating 2.0 is run by a sophisticated, patented algorithm. The success rate is higher than both online dating and speed dating.

You will go on a series of 6-8 live matched mini dates for 10-12 minutes each using your phone.

Because it's mobile, everyone dates wherever they want - no name tags or table numbers - in a fantastic atmosphere. It's not speed dating and it's not a singles mixer - it's the 21st Century way to meet single people FACE-TO-FACE!

Tickets are limited by venue capacity so get yours soon!

*Tickets will NOT be available at the door



Hotel Chantelle
Rooftop, 92 Ludlow St, New York