, New York

Matched Speed Dating in Hell's Kitchen,
Ages (29-39 years) at Le Prive

  • TICKETS $39
  • Great vibe: great location
  • Matched mini dates, based on your profile
  • Fantastic CitySwoon hosts
  • Party mingle time after the dating

  • TICKETS $39
Matched Speed Dating in Hell's Kitchen , New York


CitySwoon is excited to bring our matched dating events to a hugely popular part of town - Hell's Kitchen, at the stylish and elegant Le Prive! Our amazing venue partner will also be offering exclusive $10 signature cocktail specials to all CitySwoon attendees on the night (excluding the Vieux Carre and Desobeissante).

CitySwoon's Matched Dating is run by a sophisticated patented algorithm. The success rate is higher than both online dating and speed dating.

You will go on a series of live matched mini dates, lasting around 10-12 minutes each and find each other via your smartphones.

Because it's mobile, everyone dates wherever they want - no name tags or table numbers - in a fantastic atmosphere. It's not speed dating and it's not a singles mixer - it's the 21st Century way to meet single people FACE-TO-FACE!

Tickets are limited by venue capacity so get yours soon!



Le Prive
626 10th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen, New York