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Check out a real-life event

Over half a million people have come to CitySwoon's real life events.

How is it different to Speed Dating?

CitySwoon is speed dating's cooler, more adventurous cousin. Instead of being cooped up in a back room, dating everyone who shows up, you're out in the fun part of the bar, speed dating singles selected specifically for you from a crowd.

Your next matches on the night, are then refined in real-time based on your live feedback and profile. No more speed dating roulette. CitySwoon uses fancy algorithms to match you with compatible folks.

And the stats don't lie: a staggering 95% of people meet someone they're attracted to, and 90% score at least one 5-star mutual match.

The events are also extremely fun and very friendly.

How it works

You've bought your ticket for a real-life matched event, filled in your profile, and now you sit waiting with anticipation for the night!

You will most likely arrive feeling very excited and a bit nervous! The nerves usually disappear after the first date, and it is a super fun atmosphere!

CitySwoon attracts a friendly crowd. As an interesting statistic, 99.93% of our database mark themselves as optimists!

At the event

When you arrive at the venue, you will be greeted by a CitySwoon host: a super friendly person ready to help you out and answer any questions that you might have.

All communication on the night will be through your phone so your very first step is to sign in to CitySwoon on your phone.

When you've signed in, click the 'I'm here' button and you will be checked into the event.

Your hosts will be there to assist you, if you need help.

Your Dates

You will get a notification through CitySwoon, on your phone about your date. You will see their name and photo, as well as a meeting location, for example: 'bar,' or 'outside courtyard.' Then you will meet your date there!

In the rare scenario, you can't find your date, there will be an option to send them a message. However, please ask one of the hosts first before you message your date.

The algorithm to find your date will run 6 to 8 times dynamically at the event. The algorithm will look at everyone who is checked into the event, take into account your previous feedback, and match you with the person who it thinks you are likely to hit it off with. The more dates you go on with CitySwoon the more fine tuned the algorithm becomes for you.

Each date, at the event, will last for around 10 minutes.

Live Feedback

After each date, you will be prompted to record your private impression of the person you met. This feedback is secret, and is used dynamically in the algorithm to provide you with better matches on the night, and for any future events that you go to. If you don't see the feedback page, you can fill it in the next day.

Friends Rounds

If there is an uneven number of men and women at a straight event, you will most likely have a 'friends' round - this is a chance to take a break and maybe make a friend or two.

After the Event

Events typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. The atmosphere is fantastic at the events and most people stay on afterwards and mingle.

You will be able to message your matches through CitySwoon the next day.

Anymore questions? Check out the FAQ.

You can also find out about virtual events here.