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The CitySwoon Story

Once upon a time in the land of Investment Banking, there I was, a software engineer in the corporate world, while Brett served as the brains on boards of companies. Amidst the sea of numbers and business suits, we both wondered, "Hey, how can we sprinkle a little more fun into the world?"

Let's be real—choosing your ride-or-die, your partner in crime, or your forever plus one is pretty much the big boss level in the game of life.

We were tired of the dating scene feeling like a never-ending game of swipe-left, swipe-right, complete with its dose of anxiety and feeling of disconnection. So, what did we do? We rolled up our sleeves and created a website to bring folks together, not through pixels on a screen, but face-to-face, the old-fashioned way.

Picture this: Me, back in my single days, chilling at a bar, scanning the room and thinking, "Wouldn't it be so great if I could meet the single men in here who check all the boxes, for me think smart, kind, fun -and from those men, find the one who really sparks joy?" And voilà, that's exactly what we built! A nifty little thing that sifts through the crowd, finds those who make your heart do a little tango, and lets you take your pick!

CitySwoon kicked off its grand adventure, by smashing a Guinness World Record right at the Sydney Opera House (how's that for an entrance?). Fast forward, and CitySwoon is buzzing through 30 cities worldwide and counting.

Sure, lots of people use CitySwoon for a bit of fun and to spice up their dating life, but you know what really toasts our buns? Hearing that someone rang wedding bells because of a match made in CitySwoon heaven.