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Senior Speed Dating: Finding Romance and Companionship in Your Golden Years

Speed dating is a fast and easy way to find someone new, and it works for any age group. In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of speed dating for senior singles, with terms like “senior speed dating events near me” and “senior speed dating in my area” receiving more traffic than they have for years.

It’s easy to see why, as speed dating cuts out all the noise and hassle. You don’t need to waste days chatting online with a prospective partner and then spend an evening with them only to realise you’re not a good match. It’s rapid-fire dating that’s perfect for older daters who don’t have time for any nonsense.

Senior Speed Dating: What to Expect

Speed dating events introduce you to multiple people in a short space of time. You sit down, chat for a few minutes, and then move on to the next person. If you like any of the people you meet, you can complete a form to state your preferences and take things further.

Here’s what the local speed dating process usually looks like for senior daters:

Before the event

The first step is to see what speed dating events are available near you. These events are usually categorised by age groups and preferences, and that’s about it. As long as you’re single and within the suggested age range, you’re good to go.

Your speed dating senior event will have a date, time, and location. If you’re not familiar with the area, scout it out in advance or google it to learn about transport, parking, and more.

You will be expected to complete a short profile before the event. It should only take a few minutes and will ask you some basic questions, with a view to matching you with the most suitable people.

The event info will tell you if there is anything else you need to know, but you’ll typically just need to take your phone, as it will be used to check in.

During the event

Your senior citizen speed dating event will be hosted by a small team who will guide you through the process. They’ll introduce themselves, provide some guidance, and then instruct you to take a seat and start the event.

You’ll experience a series of mini-dates with matches determined by the questionnaire you completed before the event. Just relax, enjoy yourself, and see how things go. 

Don’t give out any personal information and don’t ask the other person if they will mark you down as a match. Let things happen naturally.

Why not check out our top Dos and Don’ts of Speed Dating for Mature Singles full guide here.

After the event

When the event is over, participants are asked to complete forms regarding their matches. This is where you can highlight the people that you liked and potentially date them again.

You can also connect with the participants that you weren’t matched with.

If you don’t have any luck the first time around, just attend another event and meet some more people! At Cityswoon, we use a system that remembers who you are and who you’ve met, so you’ll never date the same person twice.

Read about how our smart speed dating matching algorithm works here – Cityswoon is the most successful form of dating to exist!

Finding Romance and Companionship in Your Golden Years

Whether you’re recently widowed, separated, or have spent the past few years enjoying the single life, it’s never too late to find love.

Humans seek companionship at all ages, and the excitement, lust, and passion you have for new relationships will remain with you until the day you die.

Sure, you might be set in your ways and used to doing things on your own or spending time with your own friends and family. But once you find the right person, you’ll be more than happy to invite them in.

If you’re feeling insecure and like you’ve left it too late, remember the following:

  • There is someone out there for everyone—many someones, in fact.
  • You’re here to have fun. It doesn’t need to be serious if you don’t want it to be.
  • You don’t have to introduce them to your friends and family until you’re ready.
  • You can take a new relationship at your own pace.
  • Be open and honest throughout to prevent any headaches and complications down the line.
  • Look for people with similar hobbies and do those hobbies together during your first full dates.

If you’re still struggling with the idea of speed dating and in-person dating in general, try one of our virtual speed dating events. As with in-person events, you’ll get a chance to meet lots of new matches, but you can do it all from the comfort of your computer or device.

Expert Tips and Advice

First-time speed daters are usually nervous and worried that they won’t be liked and won’t have any success. It’s a common concern, but there are ways to keep those nerves to a minimum and improve your results.

Check out these helpful speed dating tips:

  • Remember that everyone is anxious. You’re not alone and it’s perfectly normal.
  • Try to relax beforehand and remind yourself that you have nothing to lose.
  • Prepare questions in advance to ensure you’re prepared for each speed date.
  • Take your time. you only have a few minutes, but you can say a lot in that time and don’t need to rush.
  • Dress for confidence and comfort, while trying to make a good impression.
  • One or two drinks are okay, but don’t get drunk.
  • Stay engaged with your date. Don’t drift off or throw a barrage of questions at them.
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage creative and meaningful answers.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try to fake it.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to find someone. If there is no spark, just call it a day and try again. There will always be another senior singles meetup.


Senior speed dating events are the perfect way to meet someone new. Just book your place, enjoy yourself, meet some new people, and you could come away with a phone number and a burgeoning new relationship!

You don’t even need to flood Google with searches for “speed dating near me”, as you can find the best speed dating events right here at Cityswoon! Why not sign up to a local singles event today?