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New Dating Rules for Successful Professionals

In our swipe-right culture, dating has become gamified. And this is GREAT when you aren’t sure what you’re looking for (except for fun, that is), and are still preoccupied with your career. But at a certain point you may find you’re ready to find a longterm partner. Unfortunately, if you’ve been in a demanding professional […]

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How to Make Your First Date as Memorable As Possible

The dating process can be a long and intense one. You may find that you have to kiss more frogs than anticipated in order to get to your prince but the overall journey is worth it in the end. As first dates are pivotal in determining if you and your suitor are interested in potentially […]

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It’s a First Date: What Should I Wear?

First dates can be stressful, so feeling comfortable in your clothes is key to helping you feel comfortable on your date. You want to present your best self while looking attractive to your date. How do you accomplish this? Here are some basic guidelines. Relax and Wear Your Smile The most important accessory is your […]

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5 Things You Need to Hear Before a First Date

First dates on TV and in the movies can be romantic, magical evenings where sparks fly and love stories begin. But real-life first dates aren’t always smooth-sailing. You might be thinking: are all the awkward dinners and small talk worth it? Well, dating doesn’t have to be awkward; it really can be one of the […]

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First Date Etiquette

You’ve met at a Cityswoon date night. Now for the first, proper, one-on-one date! Dating and relationship expert, Anna Morgenstern gives her tips on how to handle it with aplomb. By Anna Morgenstern How many times have you heard to avoid certain topics on a first date? That’s because first impressions are truly important, especially […]

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The Dating Red Flags You Need To Know About

By Rachel Russo Sometimes, it really feels like the modern day dating scene is a battlefield! In order to improve your confidence and chances of getting into (or staying in) a successful relationship-and protect your time, energy, and emotions-it is crucial to identify early red flags in dating. You might be wondering: What is a […]

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The Blind Date Scaries: Tips From a Top Matchmaker

Are Blind Dates Terrifying? Some people are terrified of blind dating and will not entertain the idea of ever going on one. As a matchmaker, I come across a lot of people who don’t necessarily feel comfortable with the idea of not seeing a picture of their match prior to the date. They know who […]

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Why We Rely on Dating Feedback from Real Meetings

Date Night

There is something very wrong with the way online dating works. We know that, and we think you’re starting to understand that too. Online dating is today an accepted mainstream way to meet someone, but that doesn’t say much for 21st century dating. We increasingly throw ourselves at the mercy of computers, outsourcing our love […]

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The Benefits of Matched Speed Dating Over Traditional Speed Dating

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or you’re yet to meet that ‘special someone’, you’ve likely heard of speed dating. A formalised dating system encouraging people to meet new people, speed dating involves an event for single people to meet other singles in a casual atmosphere, to spark quick conversation and hopefully a […]

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Beyond ‘Be Yourself’: 12 Useful Dating Tips for Guys

12 Useful Dating Tips for Guys

Are pick up lines a no-go? Can I wear my lucky ripped jeans? What should we talk about? On a first date, every moment is an opportunity to make or break her first impression of you. So whether you consider yourself a regular Casanova, or a total dating novice who’s prone to faux pas – […]

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