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Date Night in Sydney: Our Top 10 Venues

cityswoon - Date Night in Sydney Our Top 10 Locations

So you’ve got a hot date night lined up – congratulations! The hard part is over…right? But finding a venue in Sydney that is classy but not stuffy, fun but not rowdy, and has a vibe which accurately reflects the kind of person you are without ignoring your date’s interests…. that’s a tall order. Don’t […]

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Beyond ‘Be Yourself’: 12 Useful Dating Tips for Guys

cityswoon - Beyond ‘Be Yourself’ 12 Useful Dating Tips for Guys

Are pick up lines a no-go? Can I wear my lucky ripped jeans? What should we talk about? On a first date, every moment is an opportunity to make or break her first impression of you. So whether you consider yourself a regular Casanova, or a total dating novice who’s prone to faux pas – […]

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New Australian technology powers the ‘Adventure Dating’ revolution

adventure dating technology

Sydney (Aug, 2016) – Speed dating will never be the same again thanks to a new disruptive technology by CitySwoon that’s changing the game for Australian singles. CitySwoon uses a patented advanced algorithm to match compatible singles in real-time during events. CitySwoon daters attending speed dating events at multiple nearby locations are notified when their current encounter […]

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Dating: Which Venue to Choose for Your Date?

first date venue

A Blind Date, but Where to Meet? Let’s assume you are going on a date.  And just say that you could only see certain details about the person you are meeting, such as their photo and that you could ask them only one question and you liked their answer.  You haven’t yet met the other […]

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Why we Rely on Dating Feedback from Real Meetings


Online Dating Sites use Online Behaviour for Feedback There is something very wrong with the way online dating works.  We believe there is growing awareness of this too.  Whilst it’s now a very much accepted mainstream way to meet someone, I wonder if we are about to see the next step in the evolution of […]

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How to Discover Different Ways to Meet People

Cocktails-Dating and New Friends

There are actually a great variety of ways to find people you want to hang out with.  Whether it’s is just a matter of increasing your social circle or looking romantically for a date.  This list should help you get ideas about how to meet people. Firstly, here are some obvious resources to help you […]

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Date Night at the Film Festival – 50 people on matched dating!!

What a fantastic night at the US and Canadian film festival it was last week. The CitySwoon Daters enjoyed the hilarious movie called, appropriately, The Grand Seduction, followed by matched dating over some post movie drinks.

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Why You’re 10 Times Better off Meeting your Date in Person First!

meeting face to face

Research has concluded that if you want to be in a relationship with someone you’re more likely to be successful meeting people face to face rather than searching for them online. The research followed more than 10,000 speed daters and 20,000 online daters. Why are face-to-face meetings more successful than online dating? Part of the […]

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Why Face-to-Face is the Best way to Meet Your Date

Dating face to face to get the spark

Most communication is done non-verbally.  According to Wikipedia, research indicates up to 60% – 70% of our communication is done via body language, non verbally. Think about that and let it sink in, it’s amazing! Yet, today we are confronted with an ever increasing technology that is changing the way we first meet people. Implications […]

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CitySwoon Date Night – A World First!

The CitySwoon Date Night last Thursday turned out to be a really different, fun and exciting way to meet new people. The event was sold out with 30 intrepid singles participating in what was not only a world first, but also a pretty cool way to meet new people. It was described as “fun and relaxed”, the atmosphere as "perfect" and also as “an exciting and exhilarating night” by the participants.

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