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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Impact on a Crush

Whether you’re preparing for a Valentine’s Day speed dating event or looking to make an impression on your current crush, there are tons of ways to make yourself noticeable and approachable near the year’s most romantic holiday. From the way you look to the way you act, there are multiple portions of the full picture you should improve on before trying to swoon the man or woman on your mind.

Valentine's Day Impact on a Crush
Getting Reading for a Valentines Speed Dating Night

Look your best.

Although it may seem the most obvious, looking your best and feeling the best in your own skin is the perfect way to perfect your appearance upon seeing or interacting with your crush. Fixing up and looking sharp, or dressing sleek and sexy can catch your crush’s eye quickly and can lead to instant conversation. Especially if you’re headed out on a first date, every piece of your look can say something about you and your personality. From accessories to footwear and even makeup, all of this can make a statement about you.

Starting with men, make sure you are looking your best by visiting your barber before the big day and getting a fresh cut along with cleaning up any unwanted facial hair. It is also important to plan ahead of time and groom a few days beforehand to avoid any accidents that can leave cuts or scars. To prevent this, it is best to invest in sharp razors that will give you a clean, smooth shave as well as proper face creams and moisturizers. For a more casual date like a movie or coffee date, go with something more casual like athleisure or even a simple button-down shirt.

For women, a great idea to look your best is by staying on top of your skincare regime, especially during the cold winter months. Try and stay as consistent as you can in terms of moisturizing and exfoliating in order to keep your skin looking luscious and glowing for your crush. This means exploring quality facial products that you can incorporate into your daily ritual to ensure great results. Other things to keep in mind include the amount of makeup you aim for, what kind of dress you might wear, and what style to put your hair in. Depending on the type of date you are going on, make sure you are comfortable in your look!

Use proper etiquette.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and that is especially true when it comes to winning over your crush. While looks can only go so far, true etiquette and manners go a long way in terms of building a genuine bond. Since you’ve waited long enough to finally get a chance with your crush, be authentic with your personality, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Compliment them frequently, be a great listener, and do the little things that will make yourself memorable and will put a smile on their face.

While this can be nerve-racking, especially on the first date for Valentine’s Day, there are many different ways to express yourself and your kindness. From conversation to small gestures like holding the door, asking about their day, and even smiling can be simple ways to show your true self.

Do something thoughtful.

Valentines Gift

Since Valentine’s Day is meant to be the most romantic day of the calendar year, it should be in your best interest to do something thoughtful that will make the day/night memorable for your date. While you’re getting to know your crush, or whether you’re on your second or third date, try to learn their favorite restaurants, activities, interests, etc. This will make for more genuine and heartfelt actions that will be sure to please them.

For example, if you are still working on your first or second date, decide on your date’s favorite place to eat to make them feel comfortable and truly happy. Other great gestures for more developed relationships include writing them a special note, making their favorite dinner, or going for a walk in their favorite area.

How about a gift?

Finish off your Valentine’s Day outing with a thoughtful gift that will make them feel great and keep the moment feeling special. Figuring out the way to your crush’s heart will make this much easier, and even a bouquet of flowers can go a long way, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, check out this guide for all of your gifting needs.

As you start thinking about how you’re either going to sweep them off their feet or capitalize on your opportunity to impress them, there are many aspects to keep in mind that go into the overall impression you leave. Every move you make should be a piece of the puzzle and should be taken seriously. Just remember to be yourself and enjoy the time!