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Dating Etiquette 101. 8 Easy Tips Just for You.

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere – finally! Time to refresh on some simple dating etiquette so that you can make the best impression on a date, land a 2nd date or perhaps even a relationship or summer fling.

Look Presentable

With virtual meetings, being out of the office, and no in-person plans, we may have let ourselves go a bit. It’s time to get a haircut, shave, put together a nice outfit, iron our clothes, and show off that jewellery or watch. If you haven’t been to the gym or have not been eating healthy food, get yourself to the gym and start that diet you’ve been meaning to.

Be Punctual

For 2 years, we had nowhere to go and we may not have even seen friends or relatives often or at all. Especially with Daylight Savings Time in effect, it’s time to adjust our own personal clocks and be punctual. For whatever date activity you have planned, arrive on time. It shows that you are committed and value the other person and their time. You don’t want to get the date started off on the wrong foot, do you?

Be a Good Listener

People are excited to get out there again but at the same time, they may be a bit anxious, shy or hesitant for a number of reasons. To express themselves, your date may talk a lot or perhaps overshare. In any case, it’s good to listen to what he or she has to say and be accommodating. Definitely ask questions and make witty remarks on what he or she is telling you about.

Maintain Eye Contact

Though we can be shy or intimidated at times, especially by a beautiful woman or a handsome gentleman, it’s important to maintain eye contact. It shows that you are paying attention and focused on your date. Of course, it’s OK to look around here and there to take in your setting. Perhaps a remark on a piece of décor at the restaurant can help liven the conversation. Obviously, if you are trying to get your server at a restaurant’s attention that is OK too.

Maintain Good Posture

If you are on a date, it’s important to sit or stand up straight. This exudes confidence and is attractive. At the same time, it’s important to loosen up a bit and not have your arms crossed.

Maintain Good Posture

Be Friendly

It’s essential to be good-natured and open to getting to know the other person. Being negative or standoffish is not going to do you any good. Even if the date is not going well, it’s important to be nice as the dating scene can be small and perhaps you will run into the person again. Worst case scenario, you will have had a nice night out, learned something new, or discovered a new place or activity

Don’t Be a Flake

With everything opening up again, we have a lot going on. Whether it’s heading back to the office, work travel, a vacation or weekend getaway, seeing friends or relatives or going on a date. We also may have fears or other reasons for not wanting to date.

That said, if you make plans to meet someone for drinks, dinner, a cup of coffee or another activity, be sure to show up. It’s not fair to the other person and it’s good to commit to something if you’ve agreed to it. However, if there is communication leading up to the date that makes you feel uncomfortable, you are not obligated to go.

Don’t Ghost

This final point goes without saying it. If you went on a date, multiple dates or are just chatting with someone on CitySwoon’s website or another dating app/site and you are no longer interested or don’t feel a spark for a reason, don’t ghost. Depending on how long you’ve seen the person, it would be best to tell them over a phone call or text message or in-person if it feels comfortable. Just keep the conversation message brief saying something like “it’s been nice getting to know you or spending time with you, but I just don’t feel a connection or we are both looking for something different”. If you have been just chatting on an app, just send the person a quick note stating that “it’s been nice chatting but I don’t feel a spark”. Of course, if you feel unsafe, you should block the other person.

Thank you so much for reading this piece on dating etiquette and have fun dating this spring and summer.

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