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How to Make Your First Date as Memorable As Possible

The dating process can be a long and intense one. You may find that you have to kiss more frogs than anticipated in order to get to your prince but the overall journey is worth it in the end. As first dates are pivotal in determining if you and your suitor are interested in potentially taking your relationship forward, here are some key ways to make sure your first date as memorable and successful as possible!

First Date

Keep the Conversation Light and Bright

There’s always etiquette when it comes to first date conversation. No matter how jaded you might have become from dating, keep any negative feelings to yourself for the time-being, especially on a first date. Try to refrain from talking about your exes, past bad dates, family issues or anything else that might make them want to run for the hills! There’s plenty of time to dig into the more serious subjects if your relationship happens to continue but for the first date, try to keep everything positive! If there’s something that happens that reminds you of an ex situation or anything else that might have a negative connotation, leave it in the past. Keeping your date positive and in the present will only bring good energy to both you and your date and leave them excited around the possibility of another one.

Do Something Fun and Active

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are worried about the aspect of initial conversation. Dinner and drinks always sound like the perfect date combo but if you’re worried about hitting a conversation lull, you might want to do something that’s both active and involves conversation along the way. Doing so will give you two even more to talk about with one another while also doing something fun. With summer here, use the outdoors to your advantage by doing something adventurous such as hiking or canoeing. If you’re not much of the outdoorsy type, do something fun such as
wine and paint night, bowling or have an arcade night at Dave & Buster’s. No matter what activity you decide to do, doing something interactive with each other will be much appreciated by both you and your date

Make an Unforgettable First Impression

It only makes sense that you’ll want to look your absolute best to make a memorable first impression. Showing up to your first date looking and feeling as confident as ever will make the experience that much more successful. Whether it’s getting a brand new outfit all together or wearing one that never fails, be sure to wear a killer first date outfit that makes you feel unstoppable and confident. The next step is beauty prep. If your date is in a couple of days, make sure you feel at your ultimate beauty level. Apply a couple face masks to make your skin as radiant as possible, get your eyebrows touched up, even get your nails done. If your hair is in need of a little TLC, take the time beforehand to spruce up your locks with a fun new hair dye. With whatever beauty prep you do, feeling as confident as ever will no doubt come across on your date. 

Don’t Stress About How Your Date Ends

One of the many things people worry about during a first date is not only how it goes but also how it’s going to end. Try not to stress about what “what if’s” and just go with the flow. Whether the date ends in a hug or a kiss or even the dreaded handshake, if you feel a connection on your end, don’t be afraid to try and continue the relationship further. As many people are casual daters, if you really want to distinguish yourself from other possible dates, text your date the next day letting them know what a great time you had. This will keep the conversation going and potentially lead to a second date as well.

Most Important: Be You!

Above all else, no matter how nervous or excited you may be for the first date, it’s important that you stay true to yourself and show your date only the real and genuine you. No meaningful relationship can last if you don’t show your partner your true self. If you find that you and your date don’t have a ton in common, that’s perfectly okay. If the first date leads to it being a dud, just go with it and don’t be afraid to try again. As stated in the beginning, you’ll likely have to go through a lot of dating experiences before you find your ultimate match.

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