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Top Tips for a First Date

So you’re looking to meet single people? Then you’d better get ready for impending dates. If you’re new to the dating scene – or haven’t done it for a while – don’t worry. We all know dating can be scary, unnerving and even overwhelming, but it can also be exhilarating. Here are our top tips for a date to remember.

Couple Dating - train
Couple heading out on a date

Choose The Right Venue

The right venue can make all the difference to a date. A movie might be a great idea for a second or third date for instance, but for a first date, seeing a film means spending a couple of hours with someone, without getting to know them at all. Instead, think of a venue that’s social but not so busy that you can’t hear each other, and not so quiet that everyone around you can hear your conversation. A café, restaurant or bar is usually a good option. If you are choosing the venue, you might decide on somewhere you already know, however if your date is suggesting somewhere you’ve never been, don’t be put off. As long as it’s not completely beyond your comfort zone (a steak house if you’re vegetarian for instance) then it’s all part of the adventure.

And the right time

Consider the time of the date too. Midweek, or weekend?  Morning, noon or night? Anytime really can be a great date time, no matter whether it’s lunch, or a happy hour drink.

Be open-minded

Wanting to be comfortable on a date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone now and again. A cuisine you’ve never tried, a bar you’ve never visited, even a game of golf if you’ve never played – they can all turn out to be fantastic experiences, even if you’re not sure about the idea initially. Sometimes it pays to take a chance.

Be yourself

It goes without saying that you should always be yourself on a first date. The point is obviously to meet someone whose company you enjoy, and someone who you want to spend more time with. There’s no benefit to you pretending that you like something you can’t abide, or acting in a way that just isn’t you. Always be yourself from day one. After all, the right person will like you for exactly who you are.

Watch the body language

One of the benefits of meeting someone face to face is that you can hear their voice, see their expressions, and watch their body language.

These visual cues can tell you a lot about a person, and it’s something you can never discover from reading a profile or an email.

If your date has their body turned towards you, is watching your face, and giving you their undivided attention while you are together – it’s all good!

Play it safe

Of course, everyone should play it safe when going on any date. And that just means following basic safety guidelines, and using your common sense. It’s obviously best to meet for the first time where other people are present, and if meeting at night, ensure you know how to get to the venue, and plan how you will get home. While a drink can be a great way to shake those nerves, don’t start lining up shooters. Getting drunk and out of control is not only a look best avoided, it can impede your ability to play it safe.

A final word

When you meet single people for the first time, it’s always going to be a little unnerving. That’s part of the excitement. The trick is to keep a level head, while being open to new experiences. Every incredible relationship started with two people who didn’t know each other. Take that first step; enjoy the ride, and who knows? You might just find yourself one half of a happy couple!

Happy Dating!