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Tips For Your Next Video Date

by Jade Andrews (Dating After Divorce)

Tips For Your Next Video Date

Good lighting is important.

There’s a reason why professional photoshoots focus on this so much. Good lighting can help you look more attractive to your date. If the sun is still up, use a window in front of you (never behind) for the best natural lighting. During an evening chat, it’s best to use overhead light, as well as a lamp, or an LED ring light with a phone clip. I got mine on Amazon & it’s my favourite purchase yet. With a phone clip, your hands are free and your face is well lit, giving off a much more confident and natural attitude on your date.

PRO tip – If you use Zoom, you can opt for the user-friendly filter which edits most facial imperfections. Trust me, everyone does it. Before you sign on Zoom with your next date – Go to Video settings at the bottom left, then – Video – my Video- select ‘Touch up my appearance’ & Voilà!! You can thank me later.

Use a good angle.

Hold the phone or prop your camera a little higher than your face. No one in the history of video calls has ever looked attractive from an angle below their chin.

Clean up your space.

Wherever you choose to do your virtual date, clean up the space around you. You might think ‘Oh, it’s okay, she won’t see this corner.’ That is until you get up to show her something in the other room and the laundry pile in the corner is in full view.

Video Date

Take the edge off…

…with a beverage of your choice (if you choose to partake). As we all know, dating is stress-inducing. A happy hour date can make things a little less nerve-wracking and can be fun for both participants. Want to earn notable brownie points? Ask her if she would like you to send her a bottle of wine before the date. It shows a layer of thoughtfulness most people don’t have.

Have a few go-to questions.

Instead of the usual, “What do you like to do for fun?” why not try asking her if she got along with her siblings growing up? Where does she like to go on vacation? What is something embarrassing that happened growing up? The more open-ended questions you ask, the more likely the conversation will keep flowing.

Lastly & arguably most important, dress nicely!

It’s really easy to slack off on one thing which I consider to be one of the most important aspects of a date, presentation. During a video call with your date you are still “presenting” yourself, so why not put forth a little more effort? A button-up vs. a t-shirt speaks volumes to the woman who is taking time out of her evening to call you. I believe it goes without saying, but regardless of how nice your pectoral muscles may be, shirtless is never an option for these virtual dates.

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