How to Discover Different Ways to Meet People

Cocktails-Dating and New Friends

There are actually a great variety of ways to find people you want to hang out with.  Whether it’s is just a matter of increasing your social circle or looking romantically for a date.  This list should help you get ideas about how to meet people. Firstly, here are some obvious resources to help you […]

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Why You’re 10 Times Better off Meeting your Date in Person First!

meeting face to face

Research has concluded that if you want to be in a relationship with someone you’re more likely to be successful meeting people face to face rather than searching for them online. The research followed more than 10,000 speed daters and 20,000 online daters. Why are face-to-face meetings more successful than online dating? Part of the […]

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Why Face-to-Face is the Best way to Meet Your Date

Dating face to face to get the spark

Most communication is done non-verbally.  According to Wikipedia, research indicates up to 60% – 70% of our communication is done via body language, non verbally. Think about that and let it sink in, it’s amazing! Yet, today we are confronted with an ever increasing technology that is changing the way we first meet people. Implications […]

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CitySwoon Date Night – A World First!

The CitySwoon Date Night last Thursday turned out to be a really different, fun and exciting way to meet new people. The event was sold out with 30 intrepid singles participating in what was not only a world first, but also a pretty cool way to meet new people. It was described as “fun and relaxed”, the atmosphere as "perfect" and also as “an exciting and exhilarating night” by the participants.

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Group Dating; 4 Reasons Why It’s Much More Fun!

dating in a group

Going on a date is exhilarating!  But it can also be a little bit daunting.    So why not go dating as a group? In Japan, the social practice of group dating has been going on for a while.   Friends who have other single friends, ask them all along on a group blind date.  Generally […]

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