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8 Tips for Dating in 2021 from a Philly Dating Coach.

BE the kind of person YOU want to attract and some other tips for stronger love connections in 2021. 

By Lauren Pilgermayer, Life and Relationship Coach

Philly Dating Coach

For those who are single and dating, this past year definitely had its challenges. With social distancing measures in place and spending more time alone, finding love could feel close to impossible. Just because dating isn’t business as usual, doesn’t mean you need to wait until the pandemic is over to meet someone. There is actually an upside to getting to know someone virtually “at first” and here are a few tips whether you are beginning to date again or are new to the online dating scene.

#1 Be the kind of person you want to attract.

So often people have a list of qualities in others that they aren’t willing to embody themselves. Your energy is everything and it does not lie. 


#2 Don’t spend a ton of time texting.

A Woman

Get on a face to face call early on so that you can see if there is a connection and save yourself time. I see clients text for weeks and then when they finally meet someone in person, there is little connection.  Cityswoon’s speed dating is an excellent way to meet multiple matched dates in less than an hour.

#3 Be honest about your intention and what you are really looking for in terms of a relationship.

Intention impacts your outcome just like cause and effect and the energy and vibe you put forth will produce the outcome.

#4 If you treat the date like a job interview, it will feel like work. So often people make dating feel like a hassle and they are disconnected from how they actually feel because they are busy checking the boxes.

Let things happen naturally and let it be fun.  

#5 Communicate your Covid comfort plan.

Determine your level of comfort in terms of meeting up in-person/intimacy.

#6 Let dating be about learning.

It is a practice in getting to know yourself and the other person. If it’s not a fit, what can you take away and learn about yourself? Everything is feedback. Remember, we all have stories we bring to the table that can cloud the reality of what is.

#7 Don’t be a ghost.

Ghosting has become more common and it does not feel good for anyone. Most people take it as a form of rejection and seek some type of closure. If you are ghosted,  though it can feel unfair or unjust, don’t take it personally. The person who ghosted you saved you time by checking out early. If you are wanting to ghost to avoid potentially hurting someone, simply communicate that you are not interested and then move on. Simple honest communication goes a long way. 

#8 Connect to yourself first.

Real confidence is magnetic and sexy. How is your relationship with you, really? Do you value yourself and what you bring to the table? Do you recognize you are worthy of great love for who you truly are and not based on what you do or have, but by just being inherently you? This is where all the work really matters. The better you feel about you, the more genuine connections you will attract.

Lauren is a Life and Relationship Coach and Owner of The Dream Seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She helps clients transform their results and get what they want in life and love through 1:1 coaching and virtual coaching programs. Find out more on