Dating: Which Venue to Choose for Your Date?

A Blind Date, but Where to Meet?
Let’s assume you are going on a date.  And just say that you could only see certain details about the person you are meeting, such as their photo and that you could ask them only one question and you liked their answer.  You haven’t yet met the other person but  you think you might both be compatible.

Blind Dating
A Nice Surprise!

Dating – Reading between the lines of the chosen Venue
Most people prefer to meet up on a blind date somewhere that is busy and has a positive vibe so that you are not sitting in awkward silences. A venue such as a cafe, a restaurant or a bar usually suits the purpose.  Or somewhere that has some live entertainment or some kind of activity going on, so that you can talk about to fill any lulls in conversation.

1/ Atmosphere of the Venue – What it Can Reveal
There are a multitude of different venues and each has a certain vibe or feel to it.  A stylish harbour-side affair, bustle filled city cafe or a hole in the wall, inner-city gem, all have a unique atmosphere and the people that go to them often reflect that vibe in their personality and character.
If you are meeting up at a schmick city cocktail bar, you are likely to meet a person who likes going to that sort of place and who likes the people that go to it.  Go on a blind date at your local pub and you will meet a different type of person again… Try checking out review sites like Timeout or eatability for choosing a place you might like.

2/ Locality of the Date
The venue will also let you know if your date is likely to be local .  You are not likely to bother going on a date that is the other side of town.   Likewise, someone compatible to you who wants to date in your local area is likely to be of interest!  Also, if a date is close to work, you might also consider a quick rendezvous at lunch time….

3/ Time of your Date

The timing of the date can give clues as to who you might be meeting up with too.  If the date is set for early morning, you might be meeting a go getter or maybe a shift worker, but probably not a person who is more relaxed about life.  However, if you are meeting at a bar at 11pm, get ready to party!
The day of the week the date falls on may be important too, because it may indicate the type of person you are meeting.  A mid-week date might be made by busier people whose weekends are taken up well in advance.

Where would you choose to go on a date?   Would you prefer to choose a venue you know or would you be more adventurous and to explore new places that someone else has chosen?